I. form form 1 [fɔːm ǁ fɔːrm] noun [countable]
an official document with spaces to answer questions and add information:

• a Medicare Benefits form

• We need to receive your application form by July 31.

• There was no delivery address on the order form.

• If you would just like to fill in a form we will process your request as quickly as possible.

• You must complete the entry form and return it to us.

ˈtax form TAX
a document on which you give detailed information about the amount of money you have earned, so the government can calculate how much tax you owe:

• There are certain expenses that you can offset against tax, which you should put down on your tax form.

  [m0] II. form form 2 verb
1. [transitive] to establish a company, an organization, or a committee:

• Coca-Cola Amatil formed a joint venture with Tirtalina Group of Indonesia.

• A committee was formed to look at the whole issue of bonuses for staff.

• North American Vehicle Imports is a newly formed company with two principal partners.

2. [intransitive] when a company, organization, or committee forms, it is established:

• This was something that was not considered when the United Nations first formed.

3. form an alliance/​partnership/​coalition to establish a relationship of working together:

• Electronic Data Systems Corp. and Australian-based Mincom formed an alliance to jointly market computer services and software to the mining industry.

— forming noun [uncountable] :

• The forming of US Steel marked a turning point in his career.

* * *

form UK US /fɔːm/ noun [C]
also US blank) a document printed with spaces in which to write answers or information: fill in/out a form »

You will need to fill in form FW 20, available from your Social Security office.


You will be required to sign several forms.

See also APPLICATION FORM(Cf. ↑application form), CLAIM FORM(Cf. ↑claim form), I-9 FORM(Cf. ↑I-9 form), ORDER FORM(Cf. ↑order form), SUBSTANCE OVER FORM(Cf. ↑substance over form), TAX FORM(Cf. ↑tax form)
form UK US /fɔːm/ verb
[I or T] to create a company, organization, etc.: form a business/company/firm »

They joined together to form their own garment company.

form a committee/agency/task force »

The council President formed the committee when the number of complaints jumped from around 50 per month to nearly 1,200.

[T] to develop a successful relationship with a person, organization, or country, especially for a particular purpose: form a coalition/partnership/alliance »

A regional Latino business coalition was formed to seek ways to fight the measures.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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